Meath County Council - Data that will be Published by SEAI

Every year SEAI will publish a report on energy consumption in the public sector – based on the data collected through the monitoring & reporting system. In addition to aggregated data for the public sector and specific sub-sectors within it, the next report will include the following information for Meath County Council.

PB Report status: N/A

Last report submission date: 29 August 2017

Date this report was generated: 29/08/2017

Baseline Period: 2009

Normalised EnPI performance to date

EnPI: 2.7% worse than 2015
EnPI: 55.0% better than baseline
Consumption (TPER): 3.8% more than 2015
Consumption (TPER): 44.6% less than baseline

Meath County Council improved its energy performance in 2016 by:

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